Same Day Denture Repair 
in Parker, Colorado

We perform SAME-DAY DENTURE REPAIR in your in-house Dental Lab in Parker, Colorado. 

Tooth off
from Denture.
Crack or Chip.
break into half.
General discomfort

While wearing the denture,
chronic sore spots inside
the mouth.

Stains on denture.

Stains on the denture
can’t be removed
with routine cleaning.

  Denture Problems?

We can help!

You might want to check your dentures for decay if you notice the following symptoms.

Are you experiencing any of these common symptoms?

Are your teeth feeling too tight or uncomfortable when eating?

Is food getting stuck between teeth or near the gums?

Does it hurt to chew, suck or talk while wearing your dentures?

If so, it might be time for an inspection!

We believe everyone deserves to love their smile.

Contact us for Same Day Denture Repair with our cutting edge In-House Lab.

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